The Custom Math element is great to add custom math to affect the total cost in scenarios that aren't related to what the user (customer) wants. An example could be shipping cost, no matter what the customer wants, they will need to base shipping costs. Currently, it's triggered automatically on each calculator load.

Note: Another feature and element called Variable Math are for users that want to use variables to control a math output, for example, Length X Width X Height, loan or mortgage calculators.

Note:  The additional fee charged by this element is applied to the sub-section total instead of the calculator total, so you have more control. 

Use Cases

  1. Base Price - Create a base price for your product or service. Base Price: The most fundamental cost of a good or service to a consumer that does not include common extra fees. In addition to the base price of a product, fees that raise the overall price to buyers are often assessed by sellers for such things as sales tax, shipping charges and extra equipment or supply options.
  2. Convert to Monthly pricing - If your pricing is set up to show the yearly pricing, but you want to convert it to a monthly cost in the front-end, then you can add "Divide by 12" to give the monthly price.
  3. Shipping Cost - If you charge a base fee for shipping, you can use this feature to show that.
  4. Trigger Fee(s) - Add conditional logic to your custom math element to trigger a charge.
  5. Trigger Discount(s) - Add conditional logic to your custom math element to trigger a charge.


There are 5 operators you can use with Custom Math.

Addition (+) = This will add whatever value you give it, in a dollar amount.
Minus (-) = This will remove whatever value (a dollar amount) that you choose.
Divide (/) = This will divide the sub-section total by the number given.
Percentage (%) - This will take the sub-section total and apply an additional percentage amount to it.
Multiply (X) - This will multiple the sub-section total by a given amount that you choose.

What it cannot do?

The custom math feature can be set up to automatically add, subtract, multiply or divide a given value (not percentage). It does not have a toggle switch for the frontend, meaning the user cannot click anything to trigger custom math.

Custom math cannot do variable math, commonly found in other complex cost calculator plugins. Keep in mind, the Stylish Cost Calculator plugin was designed for ease of use and not complex situations.

How to use it?

You can choose how the custom math is displayed

  1. Hidden (affects price in the background) - This is the default. For custom math to behave this way, you should make sure that no checkboxes are selected in the settings (the blue gear icon). Nothing will show up in the frontend or detailed list view.  [ setting - ]
  2. Show in frontend - [ setting  ] [ frontend view ]
  3. Show in backend - [ setting ] [ front view ]
  4. Show in backend & frontend