The Variable Math element is great for products and services that require you to customize the math of a product or service using variables. For example: $productOne x $productTwo / 30.

Note:  You may want to read about our Custom Math element that is used for triggering fees/discounts, charging base fees, adding percentages to the end of your total, converting totals to monthly pricing, and much more.

Use Cases

  1. Shipping Rates - Fees based on length, width, and height of a shipping item.
  2. Mortgage Calculator - Calculate a monthly fee.
  3. Loan Calculator -  Add an interest (percentage) to the number of days or months the user wants to borrow money. 


  1. WooCommerce Shipping Functionality - SCC will not pay the fee to a shipping option in WooCommerce. We recommend you use the shipping rate functionality of WooCommerce that is built-in.

How to use

1. Enter the name of the service/product

2. Enter the cost (per mm/inch/km/mile)

3. Enter the maximum number that a user can enter for this input box or slider

4. Choose whether it appears as a slider or input box

5. Choose how the Element's total price is calculated. Do this by typing the name of the item and using math operators.
Example 1: Input1 x Input2 x Input3
Example 2: (Input1 + Input2 + Input3) / 1.15        (Gives 15% discount)

Note: Use brackets to group the calculation. 

Example 1 -  Backend View

Example 1 -  Detailed List View 

Example 2 -  Backend View