Giving users the ability to add files and media to your site’s forms can make it way easier for you to collect the information you need.

Benefits, Features & Use Cases

With the upload field, your customers will be able to communicate more efficiently, as they will be able to include all kinds of files complementing their submit

There are plenty of supported files

Documents (.doc, .xls, .ppt, and .pdf)
Images (.png, .gif, and .jpg)
Video (.mpg, .mov, and .wmv)
Audio (.wav, .mp3, and .mp4)

  1. Improve the communication with your customers
  2. No more hassle with sending numerous emails and tons of attachments
  3. You can use these files to send customized price quotes
  4. Collect data from your customers to provide a better purchase experience

Watch It In-Action

How to Activate & Use This Feature

To add a new File Upload Field, click on the "+ Add Element" button

Then click over "File Upload" and that's it! You've added a file upload field to your form.

Settings & Options

Add a title to your file upload field.

 Add a placeholder to your file upload field. For example: "Upload your ID"

You can customize the types of files that your customers are gonna be able to upload

You can set a maximum upload size in kilobytes (kbs)

Additional Information

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