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Add a digital Signature Box to your robust calculator interface, enhancing user engagement and verification. This tool allows clients to sign directly within the calculator form, streamlining processes such as quotes and estimates, service agreements, or order confirmations.

Benefits, Features & Use Cases

Use Cases:

  • Service Agreements: Clients can sign to accept the terms of service immediately after receiving a quote.
  • Custom Orders: For bespoke products, clients can approve dimensions, specifications, and prices.
  • Work Orders: In B2B transactions, clients can sign off on projected costs and timelines.
  • Rental Agreements: Rental services like equipment or venues can be used it for on-the-spot contract finalization.
  • Consultation Services: Professionals like designers or consultants can have their fees and service scopes signed for instantly.
  • Home Improvement Quotes: After using the calculator to estimate costs, homeowners can sign to initiate the work.
  • Event Planning Services: Event planners can get immediate approval of estimated budgets from clients.
  • Automotive Customization Services: Car customization quotes can be signed off, indicating acceptance of work to be done and associated costs.

Where Does it Go?

  • The signature image (file) gets uploaded to your WP upload folder and can be accessed via the Quote Management System.
  • NOTE: The file does not automatically get attached to the outgoing email that the frontend user receives (along with their quote PDF file) due to email deliverability issues. In the future, we will create a setting for you to choose if the file gets attached or not.

Watch It In-Action

How to Activate & Use This Feature

Step 1. Click on the "+ Add Element" button

Then click over "Signature" and that's it! You've added a file upload field to your form.

Settings & Options

Choose to add it to your generated PDF Quote


Where Does the File Go? File Storage

  1. The file gets sent to the user and admin email as a file attachment
  2. The file also gets stored in your Quote Management Screen

Additional Information

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