Stripe Checkout

Adding a Stripe checkout button to your calculator is very easy. All you have to do is click the button at the bottom of your calculator instance and fill in your Stripe details, then click SAVE.

What It Can Do

SCC has the ability to send the product/service name, quantity and price to Stripe.  You will be able to see the user's name and email that is associated with their Stripe account. This information will be emailed to you upon payment completion.
* All other fields (file uploads, input boxes (name, address, phone number) will be ignored. 

What It Cannot Do 

It cannot send file uploads, text inputs, PDF files, or custom fields.

Workaround: Do you need to ask for customer details or any kind of custom user input (dates/additional information/etc.)? If yes, we recommend that you link to WooCommerce instead of Stripe, then install the stripe module for WooCommerce. After that, you can add a custom field to WooCommerce to gather the data you need.
Learn more here -

What Does It Look Like?

SCC Calculator Frontend

Stripe Payment Frontend 

How To Activate?

Step 1. Login into and create a new key

Step 2. Create new 'Private' key

Step 3. Name the 'Private' key

Step 4. Copy and paste this 'Private' key

Step 5. Copy and paste this 'Public' key

Step 6. SCC Global Settings - Enter your Stripe API keys.

This setting is activated at the calculator level; edit the calculator instance you wish to link, then scroll to the bottom of the calculator and click the 'Link to Stripe' checkbox. This feature is for Premium users only.