In just 2-3 minutes, you will have Stylish Cost Calculator synced with your favourite apps for numerous automation.

Some ideas are:

1. Stylish Cost Calculator -> Google Sheets
Store all your leads into a Google Sheet

2. Stylish Cost Calculator -> Email
Send the quote to different employees depending on certain conditions.

3. Stylish Cost Calculator -> CRM
Add a new contact in your CRM. Tag them with the detail, quote details and more.

4. Stylish Cost Calculator -> Newsletter
Add a new lead into an email sequence (drip-feed) campaign and start feeding them emails to nurture the lead.


Step 1 - Make a new scenario

Step 2 - Search for webhook 
1. Type 'webhook'
2. Click Webhooks

3. Click continue (top right)

Step 3 - Click 'Webhooks' to edit

Step 4 - Name your 'Webhooks' to remember for later

Step 5 - Copy the webhook URL
1. Copy the webhook URL.
2. Keep Integromat open in a browser tab
3. Open up SCC in another tab.

(Stylish Cost Calculator)
Step 6 - Access your calculator's dashboard in SCC
1. Edit your calculator
2. Click 'Calculator Settings'

Step 7 - Select the Event you want to POST
Step 8 - Paste webhook and submit

Step 8 - Send a test quote 
Within the dashboard, select a few items and send yourself a quote. This will trigger the webhook and send the data to Integromat.

Step 9 - Add the app you want to connect