Implementing Base Fees: Adding Mandatory Charges in Your Calculator Form

Created by Mike B, Modified on Mon, 04 Dec 2023 at 03:23 PM by Mike B

How do I charge a base fee or mandatory fee in my calculator form?

To include a mandatory base fee in your calculator form, you have two methods at your disposal:

  1. Using the Custom Math Element: You can add a fixed amount or percentage as a base fee to the total or to a subsection of your calculator. This fee will automatically be included in all calculations.

  2. Utilizing Other Elements: Elements like checkboxes, buttons, sliders, and dropdowns can be set as 'Required' under their Advanced Settings, making them mandatory for form completion.

Both methods allow for flexibility:

  • Base Fee Triggering: The fee can be always active or conditional, based on selections or total amounts within the form.
  • Scope of Application: You can apply the fee to the entire form, a subsection, or to a single element within a subsection.
  • Frontend Visibility: Through the Advanced Options menu, you have control over whether the fee is displayed on the frontend, included in the PDF quote, or hidden while still affecting the total calculation.

Adjustments to the base fee can be made at any time, ensuring your calculator remains adaptable to your business needs. This feature, designed to provide flexibility and control, is exclusively available to premium users of our plugin.

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