Mandatory Minimum Total: A Complete Guide

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This feature gives you the ability to set a mandatory minimum total threshold for your end total for the cost calculator that a customer must reach before they can proceed with any further steps in the cost calculator form.

Whether you want to establish a minimum spend, prevent low-cost inquiries, or ensure a specific return on each transaction, the Minimum Price feature gives you the flexibility to do so. By setting a minimum price, you can effectively streamline your operations, focus on customers ready to meet your pricing, and ultimately drive your business profitability.

Customers will be required to select products or services until the total cost hits your pre-defined minimum price. Only then will they be able to view an itemized list, receive an email quote, or make a payment.

Benefits, Features & Use Cases

  • Establish Minimum Spend: You can set a minimum price threshold for transactions, ensuring that every customer engagement is financially worthwhile.

  • Prevent Low-cost Inquiries: By setting a minimum price, you can effectively filter out customers who are not willing to meet your price criteria.

  • Improve Business Profitability: The minimum price feature can help boost your revenue by ensuring that each transaction meets a certain profit margin.

  • Streamline Operations: By focusing on customers ready to meet your pricing, you can optimize your operations and save resources that would otherwise be spent on low-cost inquiries.

  • Enhanced Customer Guidance: The feature can guide your customers towards selecting products or services that meet your minimum price, creating a mutually beneficial shopping experience.

  • Flexible Business Control: The feature provides more flexibility and control over your business transactions and the overall user experience on your cost calculator.

  • Efficient Use of Calculator Plugin: The Minimum Price feature promotes more effective and efficient use of the Stylish Cost Calculator plugin.

Watch It In-Action

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How to Activate & Use This Feature

Settings & Options

Please follow these steps:

  • Go to the editing page of the calculator
  • Click the 'Calculator Settings' menu
  • Search and navigate to the 'Minimum Total Price' option
  • Enter the minimum total value in the option
  • A new option called 'Minimum Total - Choose what happens' will appear
  • From the two selection options, pick "Show a notice" to hide the 'User Action Buttons' and show a message alerting the user about the minimum total value required, the total value will continue to show. The buttons will be revealed when the value of the total reaches the minimum value set.
  • From the two selection options, pick "Hide the total price and user-action-buttons" to hide both the buttons and the total value. Both of them will only reveal after the minimum value is reached.

Video Tutorial

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