Introducing the Price Hint feature: a tool designed to provide users with a clear understanding of unit pricing. This feature enhances user comprehension, especially when using the slider, by providing an intuitive display of unit prices.

Benefits and Use Cases

Enhanced User Understanding: The Price Hint offers a straightforward representation, helping users discern how much of a particular unit they are accounting for.

Slider Integration: With the slider tool, the central number signifies the desired unit count by the user. Accompanied by the Price Hint, users can effortlessly determine the price contribution of their selected units to the overall total. This simultaneous representation ensures users remain informed at every adjustment.

Watch It In-action

In the example below, a slider's calculated value is showing up in a floating bubble.

How to Enable Price Hint Feature

From the editing page, expand any checkbox, or slider element you want to enable the 'Price Hint' feature on. Find the 'Advanced Options' accordion, expand it and you will find a toggle switch option titled "Enable Price Hint" and enable it.

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