Zapier: The Complete Guide to Setting Up Zapier with Stylish Cost Calculator (Zapier Platform Native Method)

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Zapier helps you integrate various apps to connect the Stylish Cost Calculator quote data. With the new Zapier native platform integration feature introduced in Stylish Cost Calculator Premium, you can capture the incoming quote and send the data to a different platform. 

Here, you will find a sample integration of Stylish Cost Calculator to Zapier Tables. The other apps will look similar. 

Get the authentication credentials ready

Ensure you are using the latest premium version release of Stylish Cost Calculator, go to Global Settings > Integrations > Zapier, and note the "Stylish Cost Calculator Zapier Key" field and the "Website URL for Zapier configuration" fields. These will be useful to authenticate your website's Stylish Cost Calculator with Zapier. 

Create a new Zap

When you are logged into your Zapier dashboard, click the 'Create Zap' button.

From the 'Change trigger' prompt, search for 'Stylish Cost Calculator', and choose 'Stylish Cost Calculator' from the list.

On the right pane, select the "New Quote Request Received" option.

Next, use the sign-in button to start connecting your site's Stylish Cost Calculator to Zapier.

A new window will open, from the global settings page, find the "Stylish Cost Calculator Zapier Key" field and the "Website URL for Zapier configuration" fields and copy and paste the values to the authenticator window accordingly. Then click the 'Yes, continue' button. 

After authentication is done, you will see your site's name in the available account section. Click the 'Continue' button.

Now, in the 'Trigger' step, click the 'Select A Calculator' input field. A scrollable list will open, where you will see the list of the available calculators on your website. Pick the one you would like to set up. Note that, you must have at least one (test) quote received against the calculator form. 

After you pick the calculator form, click 'Continue'.

In this 'Testing' step, use the 'Test' button. You will see the latest quotes listed there. Choose the one you like. And, finally, click the 'Continue with selected record' button.

In the 'Action' part of the Zap, for demonstration purposes, we used an existing Zapier table. You can create your table with the fields you want to store found in the previous 'Test' step. You can also connect any other apps you like, from the search box

Here, from the right pane, select the 'Create Record' option.

In the 'Action' step, choose the table name you would like to store the data. 

You will see all of the columns in the table listed here. Connect the columns with the fields from the quote request, listed in the 'Insert Data' floating menu.

After you select the field from the quote request, you use the close button to dismiss the 'Insert Data' floating menu.

You can also search for the element/quote form field in the 'Insert Data' floating menu.

In the 'Test' step, a summary of the choices you made in the earlier steps will show up. Click the 'Test Step' button.

After the 'Test Step' button does its job, an output from the connected app will show up. In this case, 'Zapier Tables' has given some data after it has written the record successfully. You can go to your app and confirm if it worked as you had expected.

Here, from the 'Zapier table' named 'TEST', the test data of 'John Doe' has been added. 

After you set up everything, the new quotes requested via the calculator form will be sent to the Zapier Zap. 

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