Important: Understanding the math of a slider, sections vs subsections

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There are a few ways to use a slider, but there are 2 main ways.

1. Use it as a stand-alone slider and give it a price per unit. 

2. Use it as an element (product/service) multiplier, and set the price of the slider to 0.

Read more here about the slider element.

Sections and Subsections

Understanding Sections and Subsections

When creating forms in the Stylish Cost Calculator, it’s important to understand the roles of sections and subsections. Both serve unique purposes and help organize your forms effectively.


  • Purpose: Sections are used to control the steps in a multi-step form and manage the titles displayed on the frontend and the invoice.

  • Functionality:
    • Multi-Step Forms: Sections allow you to break down your form into multiple steps, making it easier for users to complete complex forms by guiding them through a step-by-step process.

Read more here about the multi-step feature. 

  • Titles: The titles of each section are displayed on the frontend, providing clear labels and organization. These titles also appear on the invoice, helping to categorize the charges for the customer.

  • Use Case: For example, a wedding planner form might have separate sections for "Ceremony Details," "Reception Details," and "Additional Services," each guiding the user through different parts of the form.


  • Purpose: Subsections are designed to control the subtotal of a group of related services and the impact a slider has on the quantity of elements within the same subsection.

  • Functionality:
    • Subtotals: Subsections calculate the subtotal for a group of related items, providing a clear breakdown of costs for the customer.

    • Slider Integration: Subsections are particularly useful for implementing sliders that act as quantity multipliers. You can only have one slider per subsection, and the main purpose of a subsection is to manage how the slider affects the elements inside it.

  • Use Case: For example, in a car rental form, you might have a subsection for "Rental Duration" where a slider controls the number of rental days, affecting the cost of related add-ons like GPS or child seats.

By effectively using sections and subsections, you can create well-organized, user-friendly forms that provide clear and accurate pricing information, improving the overall customer experience.

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