With the Email Quote Form, your customers can send themselves an instant email quote with all the products and services that were added to the calculator. 

Benefits, Features & Use Cases

1. Streamlining the Sales Process: by automating the creation and delivery of quotes, you can save time and resources and allow your sales team to focus on other tasks.

2. Improving Accuracy: a quote generator can help ensure that quotes are consistent and accurate, improving customer confidence and trust in your business.

3. Customization & Branding: customize the look and content of your quotes to match your branding and include relevant information such as terms and conditions.

4. Tracking and Management: the Quote Management feature allows for tracking and managing quotes, such as marking quotes as accepted or declined and generating reports. In the future, we plan to implement an Estimate Expiration feature.

5. Customer convenience: by emailing quotes in PDF format, you can provide customers with a professional and easily shareable document they can review.

6. Increased efficiency: by eliminating the need for manual quote creation and delivery, a quote generator can help to increase the efficiency of your sales process and improve overall productivity.

Email Setup

Check out this ultimate guide on how to set up the email SMTP.

Custom Fields

All titles, like "Your Name" and "Your Email," is translatable. 

Click here to learn how to translate or change words on SCC.

To add fields in the email form, add them by scrolling to the bottom of your calculator form (dashboard) and click the plus button.

What It Looks Like


Click Calculator Settings for more options.You can find email related settings there.

Customize The Email Quote - Email Body

Check the Global Settings for this.
You can also define a custom template for the specific calculator ID from the calculator settings.


Check out this guide on troubleshooting the Email Quote and PDF Generator functions.

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