Spam (Honeypot / Google Captcha): How do I deal with spam coming through the form?

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We all know that spam in all its forms can be annoying, that's why we have integrated Honeypot and Google Captcha to our forms.

Benefits, Features & Use Cases

  1. Advanced Security. State of the art spam & abuse protection for your website.
  2. Ease of Use. Low friction, effortless interaction for your users.
  3. Creation of Value. Apply the human bandwidth to benefit people everywhere

How to Activate & Use This Feature

Step 1
- Visit

Step 2 

- Click the plus icon (top-right)

Step 3

- Enter a title (Label)

- Select V2 (Must be "I'm not a robot" Checkbox)

- Enter domain

Step 4

- Go to the Global Settings page, expand the 'reCaptcha Settings' section
- Check the "Enable reCaptcha" checkbox
- Fill in the 'Site Key' and the 'Secret Key' values from the reCaptcha website.
- Finally click the 'Save' button.

Additional Information

Special Notes

Method 1 

IQ Block Country - WordPress Plugin

We have found success in setting up the IQ Block Country plugin. This method works great for businesses that only sell to local visitors in their own country. This is a great solution to block all traffic from users who are not in your country from accessing your cost calculator pages.

1. Install and activate the plugin. Install their database manually (free) or pay the $20 a year for an API key.

2. Configure plugin - Block access to only the page that contains your calculator.

3. Configure plugin on Pages - choose only the pages that your calculator form is embedded to.

Download the IQ Block Country plugin

Method 2
IPQualityScore - WordPress Plugin

This method is great for businesses that sell products or services to international visitors. This plugin works by blocking users from all countries who use TOR, VPN or Proxies from accessing only the pages that have your calculator on it. This is great since it still allows access for regular residential IPS.

1. Sign up for an account on their main website. You get 5000 website visitors (API requests for free). Really good!

- Do not attempt to make a second free account, they will ban you quickly.

2. Block VPN, Tor and Proxy users from visiting the pages that your calculator is on.

Download the IPQualityScore plugin

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