Conditional Logic: A Complete Guide

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Leverage the power of Conditional Logic to tailor your form's interactions according to user input. This dynamic customization adapts the form experience in response to the choices made by your users.

What's the cherry on top? There's absolutely no coding or technical background required! Our intuitive visual editor enables you to establish AND/OR conditions with ease, ensuring that your logic form or landing page responds precisely as you intend.

Uses Cases, Benefits & Features

  1. Simplify Forms: Show basic options first and reveal more choices based on what customers pick.

    • Example: A catering service initially shows basic meal options. If the customer selects "Vegetarian," it then shows additional vegetarian dishes.
  2. Flexible Display: Show or hide options depending on earlier customer selections.

    • Example: A car rental company shows an option for a child seat only if the customer selects a family car.
  3. Combine Conditions: Use 'and' to show or hide options when multiple criteria are met. For example, if both A and B are selected, show or hide option X.

    • Example: An online clothing store shows a discount code option only if the customer selects both a specific shirt and pants.
  4. Price-Based Visibility: Adjust what customers see based on the total price.

    • Example: A custom furniture store offers free delivery only if the total order price exceeds $500.
  5. Add Fees or Discounts: Use conditional logic to automatically add extra fees or give discounts.

    • Example: A web design service adds a rush fee if the customer selects an urgent delivery date.
  6. Special Offers & Charges: Trigger special deals or extra charges based on the final price.

    • Example: An electronics store offers a 10% discount if the customer's total purchase is over $1,000.

Watch It In Action

Video Explainer

How to Activate It

Step 1. Find the element you want to hide
Step 2. Click the conditional logic setting at the bottom of the element
Step 3. Choose the parent element that you want to trigger the show
Step 3. Choose the condition

Additional Information

Elements that can trigger a condition
Quantity Input Box      
Simple Buttons          

Date Range Picker     

Single Date Picker     
Custom Math          

Variable Math         
File Upload              
Comment Box          

Calculator: Total Price  
Elements that can show/hide
Quantity Input Box
Simple Buttons            
Custom Math        

Variable Math         

Date Picker             
File Upload             

Comment Box      
Calculator: Total Price  

Bonus Use Cases for Conditional Logic in Cost Calculator Forms

  1. Customized Recommendations:

    • Example: A fitness center suggests additional personal training sessions or nutrition plans if a customer selects a premium membership package.
  2. Optional Add-ons:

    • Example: A software company offers optional support packages if the customer selects a specific software product.
  3. Tiered Pricing:

    • Example: A subscription box service adjusts the price per box based on the number of months the customer subscribes for. If they choose a 6-month plan, show the discounted price per box.
  4. Conditional Fields:

    • Example: A travel agency reveals additional fields for flight details and hotel preferences if the customer selects an international travel package.
  5. Form Validation:

    • Example: An educational course provider shows an error message if the customer selects a course level without completing the prerequisites.
  6. Shipping Options:

    • Example: An online store displays express shipping options only if the customer selects a delivery address within the country.
  7. Bundling Products:

    • Example: A beauty salon offers a discounted bundle of services (like manicure and pedicure) if the customer selects both services separately.
  8. Dynamic Pricing Adjustments:

    • Example: A printing service adjusts the total cost based on the number of copies and type of paper selected by the customer.
  9. Loyalty Discounts:

    • Example: A bookstore provides a loyalty discount if the customer is a returning customer or has a membership.
  10. Seasonal Promotions:

    • Example: A florist shop displays special holiday arrangements and discounts if the current date is within the holiday season.
  11. Minimum Order Requirements:

    • Example: A catering service shows a message about a minimum order requirement if the total number of guests is below a certain threshold.
  12. Customer Feedback:

    • Example: A home cleaning service asks for additional feedback or special instructions if the customer selects a premium cleaning package.

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