Coupon Code: Everything to know about this feature

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The coupon will apply a dollar or percentage discount off the total price at the entire calculator level (not the subsection level). 

If you want to apply a discount at the subsection level, you can use the custom math element, or custom math with conditional logic, to achieve this.

Benefits, Features & Use Cases

Here are some ideas how you can use coupon codes to increase your business.

1. Free shipping discount code

- Give free shipping to your customers to increase sales and be competitive.

2. Affiliate marketing
- Grow your business by giving coupon codes to affiliate marketers with a special discount for your business, then you can track who came in from each marketer by knowing which coupon code was used.

3. Clearance
- Clear out weak and slow-selling inventory by applying a discount code on calculators that contain products you want to clear out.

4. Create Scarcity
- Apply an expiration date to the coupon code to add scarcity and entice people to purchase sooner than later.

How To Activate and Use Coupon Codes

You can create and manage your Coupon Codes by navigating to Stylish Cost Calculator -> Coupon Codes

Settings and Options

Coupon Name: This is the name of your promotion. For example: "April 10% Off"

Coupon Code: This is the code your customers will use to redeem their discounts. For example "May4thBWU"

Start and End Dates: Set the Start and End dates of your promotion. Your customers will be able to redeem their codes just within these dates.

Discounts: You can set your discounts in percentages or fixed quantities 

Advanced Settings

With the advanced settings, you can set the minimum or maximum spend a customer needs to meet to redeem the Coupon Code. 

How To Edit

Feel free to edit your coupon codes anytime 

How to show or hide the coupon button in the frontend

On the editing page of your calculator, go to "Calculator settings", look for the CTA Buttons options and activate or deactivate the Show Coupon Button toggle:

Now you can see the button on the frontend

And use your coupon code

Additional Information

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Floating Itemized Detailed List:

Custom Math:

Variable Math:


Only works at the calculator level.
Doesn't target a specific situation. For example, if this product was selected then a discount 10%.
-> You can use the custom math element with conditional logic to achieve this. Watch a video here.

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