Expanded Image Support: A Complete Guide

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The Expanded Image feature in the Stylish Price List plugin allows you to add high-quality images to your price lists, enhancing visual appeal and user engagement.

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Benefits, Features & Use Cases

Benefits & Features

  • Enhanced Visual Appeal: High-quality images make your price lists more attractive and engaging.
  • Better Product Understanding: Images help customers understand products or services better.
  • Increased Sales: Visually appealing lists can lead to higher conversion rates.

Use Cases

  • Retail Stores: Showcase product images alongside descriptions and prices.
  • Salons: Display images of different services, like hairstyles or treatments.
  • Restaurants: Include photos of menu items to entice customers.

What It Looks Like



How to Activate & Use This Feature

1. Select the Appropriate Style 

In the List Builder, choose a price list style that supports images (currently Style #6 and Style #8).

2. Locate the Item  

Find the item in your list where you want to add an image and then Click on "More Settings" for the selected item.

3. Upload the Image  

In the image upload field, click "Click to upload" and select the image you want to add. 

4. Save Changes 

Click "Save" to apply the changes. 

Your items will now display images, enhancing the visual appeal of your price list. 

Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What image formats are supported for upload? 

  • Supported formats are JPG and PNG. 

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