Live Currency Conversion: A complete guide

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Stylish Cost Calculator automatically pulls the data from the international exchange rate database in real-time to convert currencies

Premium users can have their currency automatically converted live.

Benefits & Use Cases

With the live Currency Conversion, your customers will get a real-time quote converted to their currency. This will help them get a better idea of the final cost they are paying for your products/services, providing trust and extra confidence in their purchase.

  1. Sell your products globally
  2. Make sure your customers are constantly aware of the final cost of your products/services
  3. You have transparency in real-time
  4. Improve your trustability among your customers
  5. You can prereview the prices in different conversions before launching your calculator form

Watch it In-Action

In the example below, you can see the total price in Pounds (£) and how it gets converted to Panamanian Balboas (PAB) in real-time as you modify the form elements. 

How to Active and Use this Feature

To set up the live currency conversion, navigate to your Global Settings

Settings and Options 

Select a currency from the list of our supported currencies. This is gonna be your calculator forms currency.

Select the currency format, it can be "Comma Separated" to separate thousand and large numbers (Example 1,000 -10,000) or "Browser Locale" to use the user's browser default setting.

You can manually select a currency to convert or auto-detect the customer's currency.


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