In just 2-3 minutes, you will have Stylish Cost Calculator synced with your favourite apps.

Some ideas are:

1. Stylish Cost Calculator -> Google Sheets
Store all your leads into a Google Sheet

2. Stylish Cost Calculator -> Email
Send the quote to different employees depending on certain conditions.

3. Stylish Cost Calculator -> CRM
Add a new contact in your CRM. Tag them with the detail, quote details and more.

4. Stylish Cost Calculator -> Newsletter
Add a new lead into an email sequence (drip-feed) campaign and start feeding them emails to nurture the lead.


Step 1 - Make A New Zap

Step 2 - App Event: Webhooks

Step 3 - Select 'Catch Hook'

Step 4 - Copy the 'Webhook URL'
1. Copy the webhook
2. Press the big blue Continue button.
3. Keep Zapier open while you access SCC in another browser tab

(Stylish Cost Calculator)
Step 5 - Access your calculator's dashboard in SCC
1. Edit your calculator
2. Click 'Calculator Settings'

Step 6 - Select the Event you want to POST
Step 7 - Paste webhook and submit

Step 8 - Send a test quote 
Within the dashboard, select a few items and send yourself a quote. This will trigger the webhook and send the data to Zapier.

Step 9 - Test trigger to capture the test quote you sent