Sticky Total Price Bar: A Complete Guide

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Dive into the innovative realm of Stylish Cost Calculator with the newly launched "Floating Total Price Bar". This feature is a game-changer for ensuring vital elements like the total price and call-to-action buttons are always in view, enhancing visibility and user engagement. With dynamic updates as choices are made, and customization options that align with your branding, the Floating Total Price Bar is a robust addition to your calculator form, ensuring a seamless experience on desktop and tablet displays. Activate with ease and witness the transformation in user interaction and conversion on your site.

Benefits, Features & Use Cases


  • Enhanced User Engagement: Keeps the total price and checkout options consistently in view, reducing cart abandonment and increasing conversion rates.

  • Improved Navigation: Allows users to easily review their total at any point, promoting transparency and trust in the pricing process.

  • Streamlined Design: Offers a clean, unobtrusive design element that maintains aesthetic integrity while providing functional value.


  • Dynamic Pricing Update: As users modify their selections, the bar updates instantly to reflect the new total.

  • Brand Customization: Incorporate your logo and brand colors, ensuring cohesive visual branding across the platform.

  • Adaptable CTA Buttons: Choose from different call-to-action buttons to align with various business goals, from quoting to direct purchase.

How to Activate & Use This Feature

  1. Access Calculator Settings: Click on "Calculator Settings" to explore more options.

2. Activate Sticky Bar: In the "Total Price Settings" section, activate the "Display Sticky Total Price Bar" option.

Settings & Options

  • Customize the bar's background color: the color will come from your object

  • Add your company logo: this is done in the global settings under

  • Choose which CTA buttons to display: 

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