Email Setup & Troubleshoot - Sending Quotes by Email (SMTP Server)

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Initial Email Setup

This guide is to help you first initialize the email setup.

How to Activate & Use This Feature

Step 1. Stylish Cost Calculator Email Form Setup (5 mins)

1. From Name - Ensure your email has the same domain as the website itself. If your website is then your email must be (screenshot -

2. Copy Of Quote - The email quote function will send a copy to the admin and the user, at the same time
3. Customize - You can customize the subject, admin email and email body (do this in the Global Settings screen)

Step 2. Email SMTP Plugin Setup (5 mins)

We highly recommend using your own email server SMTP to deliver the emails. If you don't install an SMTP plugin

deliver the emails, then WordPress will default to using the internal WordPress function to send the emails, and you will have email delivery issues.

Step 1. Download and install any SMTP plugin. WP Mail SMTP by WPForms or WP Post SMTP or any that you prefer.

Step 2. Edit the settings of WP Mail, for your "from" email, as we did here.
Step 3. Enter your SMTP login details, as we did 
    *We recommend you use SMTP login details for your branded email (

Step 4. Test - Send your a test (screenshot -

Step 3. Increase Email Deliverability (Optional - 20 mins)

Talk to your server admin, hosting or email the company about setting up your SPF, DMARC and DKIM settings, found in the DNS settings of your domain registrar (GoDaddy, NameCheap).

If your hosting company is managing your domain, then use the cPanel tutorial. If GoDaddy is managing the DNS settings of your domain, then follow the Domain DNS tutorial.

Step 1. Setup SPF -  cPanel Tutorial or Domain DNS Tutorial
Step 2. Setup DMARC -
 cPanel Tutorial or Domain DNS Tutorial
Step 3. Setup DKIM - 
cPanel Tutorial or Domain DNS Tutorial
Step 4. Test These Settings - Use this website to test your settings
4.1 - Send an email from your regular email client program ( to the mail-tester email.
   4.2 - Send yourself a quote from your calculator form and use the email address provided by the mail-tester.

Not getting any emails?

Step 1.

  1. Please try the troubleshooting steps here, first.

Step 2.

  1.  Ensure your email has the same domain as the website itself. If your website is then your email must be
  2. Please submit a ticket with your hosting company to advise that your PHP Email is not working.
  3. Ensure your SPF and DKIM is set up properly. In cPanel, it's under Email Delivery options. Read more here.
  4. Since PHP Email is unreliable, we highly recommend installing wp-mail-smtp 

Troubleshooting Q&A
Problem #1 - The from address has "WordPress" in it.

Solution #1 - This is coming from your SMTP plugin, ensure it's set up correctly.

More Information

WordPress uses the PHP mail function to send emails generated by WordPress or any contact plugin like WPForms. However, many WordPress hosting servers are not configured to use the mail function.

Additionally, in order to reduce spam, your email provider often checks whether your email is originating from the location it claims to be originating from. For example, if your email server is but your email claims to be sent from your website’s domain, chances are your form notification will be blocked before it even reaches the spam folder.


We created this article as a goodwill gesture to give our users a guide to set up their email delivery. We don't support MX server or SMTP setups. Since the Stylish Cost Calculator plugin doesn't actually contain an SMTP functionality, we do not support you in setting up this function. You will need to work with your hosting company, system admin, or web developer to set this up. Please use this as an overall guide and refrain from submitting a trouble ticket to us if your SMTP is not working.

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