Itemized PDF: Everything to know about the email and the generated PDF quotes.

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Display the user's quotes on an itemized list via email, downloadable PDF, or web view. The generated quote can be viewed, printed, saved, or emailed to the user.

Benefits, Features & Use Cases

Have you ever struggled with sending quotes and quotes instead of actually selling? Don't worry, we gotchu. With the Itemized PDF feature, your customers can get instant email quotes and/or download PDF quotes right from the calculator form.  

Lead Generation - To collect leads, turn off the detailed list view and force the user to get an emailed quote instead. 

Faster Phone Quotes -
 Use Stylish Cost Calculator to help your customer service agents provide faster service over the phone, and provide instant quotes to your callers.

Boost Sales with Cross-Sells - This is an excellent opportunity to offer bolt-ons/add-ons to your customers. Use conditional logic to only offer add-ons that relate to specific services.

A Customizable-Experience - Show your customers how customizable your business is by allowing them to only look at services and products they are interested in. Use the conditional logic feature to hide options not pertain to the user.

A Competitive Advantage - You can attract new clients by putting your pricing on the map by showing them how you compare to your competition.

Reducing Enquiries - By providing clarity and explanations about your products and services to your users of your services, you reduce the volume of inquiries through your services regarding your products and services.

Improved Decision Making - By going through your user's quotes, you get an understanding of what products and services your users prefer, giving you more data to work with when building your business. You can use these analytics to make smarter decisions for the future of your business.

We're developing a feature that will advise you which products and services your users love the most. In the meantime, you can do this manually.

How to Activate & Use This Feature

The detailed list and email quote buttons are active by default, you can turn them off by navigating to your Calculator Settings -> Frontend Options -> User Action Buttons

Settings & Options

1. Toggle the user's details (name, address, phone) to the top right of the invoice.
2. Add header banner (image only)
3. Add footer (text & HTML)
4. Add TAX/VAT

Email Quotes

Users can use the calculator to customize an instant quote, then they press the email quote button to send themselves the quote. 

A form will pop up where they can put name, email, phone and the project due date. 

Note: This will also get stored in your database and inputted into the new Stylish Cost Calculator - Quote Management CRM feature.

Print PDF / Save PDF

Users can print the PDF from their web browser. It will be all the details that are provided in the web view. 

Note: This will not store the user's information or quote in the Stylish Cost Calculator - Quote Management CRM feature.

Additional Information

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