Backup & Restore: Backup your calculator instance, or transfer your calculator to another site.

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In today's dynamic online ecosystem, safeguarding your digital assets is paramount. For those leveraging the power of the Stylish Cost Calculator plugin for WordPress, the ability to secure and manage the unique configurations of your calculator instance becomes crucial. The "Backup & Restore" feature is specifically designed to address this need, providing a safety net for your customized calculator setups and offering the flexibility to transfer them seamlessly across sites.

Usage and Benefits

Data Security: Digital disruptions can strike without warning, be it from server issues, hacking attempts, or simply human error. The Backup & Restore functionality ensures that your calculator configurations remain protected against such unforeseen events, offering a quick recovery solution.

Effortless Migration: Considering a site revamp or branching out to a new online platform? With the Backup & Restore feature, you can easily transfer your customized calculator setups from one site to another, eliminating the tedious task of reconfiguration.

Testing Made Simple: Want to experiment with different calculator configurations? Or perhaps revert to a former setup? Backup & Restore acts as your sandbox, allowing you to test variations without losing your original settings.

Consistent User Experience: A malfunctioning or missing calculator can deter potential clients or customers. By backing up and restoring as needed, you ensure a consistent and smooth user experience, maintaining trust and professionalism.

Whether it's about maintaining business continuity, ensuring website reliability, or simply offering a consistent user interface, the Backup & Restore feature of the Stylish Cost Calculator for WordPress is an indispensable tool for any website administrator.

How to Activate & Use This Feature

From the editing page:
To create a backup of the calculator you are editing, scroll to the bottom of the page, find the 'Backup' button, and click it to download the backup file.

To restore a backup you created previously, scroll to the bottom of the editing page, find the 'Restore' button, and click it. A pop-up will show up asking you to select a backup file. Pick the file you want to restore and a new calculator will be created from the backup file.

Restore from the 'Global Settings' page:
Go to the 'Global Settings' page, and expand the 'Restore/Import Calculator Form' section. A file upload prompt will show up. Select the backup file and use the 'Restore' button to restore the backup

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